Crysis Remastered Confirmed via Image from the Official Site before It Was Taken Down

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Crysis Remastered
Image Credit: EA/Crytek

Few game franchises have managed to be in the news without an official statement from their developers as much as Crysis has in the last twelve months. Fewer still continue to get used as a means of testing on modern equipment. Well the end of the rumors, and pranks, for this particular one may be in sight. Barely a few days ago we even had cryptic Crysis messages from Crytek. All that is left is an official launch date.

For a brief time the official site had the above image. It was taken down but not before some visitors managed to post on their twitter accounts. TPU noticed how one even went so far as to create a video detailing the ease of obtaining info from the site. This genie is out of the bottle now and the tweets do not stop there. Crytek themselves have continued to tease fans.

Utilizing New Technology

The Crysis franchise is well known for utilizing the most advanced PC tech available. With each release Crytek’s CRYENGINE showcased what could be done. From DX9 to DX11, SLI, and 3D, each game had the newest features. Only a few things such as virtual reality or PhysX have been left out of the mix. Crytek has fueled the fires for a remaster rumors with various videos since last year. One of which, Neon Noir, is a ray tracing demo. NVIDIA has spearheaded real-time ray tracing in games with their RTX lineup. AMD, Microsoft, and Sony, have stated some kind of implementation for future hardware releases. Considering Crytek’s past reputation for embracing new tech it may be a feature of this game. They are also know for endorsing both NVIDIA and AMD hardware throughout the franchise history. If ray tracing gets used it might not be on a proprietary level.

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