Valve Is Ready to Make a “Full-Scale,” Non-VR Half-Life Game

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Image: Valve

Half-Life 3 confirmed? Games journalist Geoff Keighley has released an interactive storybook chronicling the development of Half-Life: Alyx, which includes some interesting statements (via PC Gamer) from Valve employees pertaining to future potential projects. While it isn’t clear what the hold up is (somebody get Gabe on the phone!), just about everyone at the company, it seems, is itching to make a traditional, non-VR Half-Life sequel.

“Privately, most of the team hopes that the next big thing will indeed be a full-scale Half-Life game built not for VR,” wrote Keighley, “but as a game accessible across all traditional gaming platforms.”

“We’re not afraid of Half-Life no more,” Valve designer Phil Co told Keighley.

“Going from [Half-Life: Alyx] to a new big thing, which will be even bigger, is pretty exciting,” said designer and programmer Tejeev Kohli.

Keighley’s Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours also offers insight on Valve’s canceled projects, which, as you might have guessed, include Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3. Half-Life 3 was supposed to feature procedurally generated content, while Left 4 Dead 3 would have featured an open-world with “hundreds of zombies.”

Valve ultimately terminated both projects due to limitations of the Source 2 engine. If you’re interested in learning more, you can grab Half-Life: Alyx – Final Hours from Steam right now for $10.

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