Video Game TV Network G4 Teases 2021 Return

Image: G4

Remember G4, the video-game-focused TV network that launched the careers of industry hotshots such as Geoff Keighley? Apparently, it could be making a surprise return next year! During today’s Comic-Con@Home show, IGN Live aired a G4 teaser video that ended with a tantalizing tagline, “We never stopped playing,” which seems to suggest that some kind of resurrection is afoot.

“The teaser included a number of references to the running jokes from the network’s shows, including the Golden Mullet Award, Sessler’s Soapbox and Rot Gut,” IGN wrote. “It ends on a game of Pong (the game played at both the beginning and end of the network’s lifespan), before being interrupted by the appearance of the G4 logo, the date 2021, and a tagline, ‘We never stopped playing.'”

Previous G4 personalities such as Adam Sessler (former host), Morgan Webb (former X-Play host), and Olivia Munn (former Attack of the Show host) have taken to Twitter to provide some thoughts, but nobody seems to know what’s really going on. The possibility of G4’s comeback does pose an interesting question, though: in the age of YouTube and streaming personalities, how successful could the niche network be, really?

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