Crysis Remastered Could Launch on August 21st

Crysis Remastered Webpage
Image: Crytek

It has been an interesting year for Crysis fans. Teasers, rumors, and trailers have all led to a roller-coaster ride with the highly anticipated launch of its remaster. Originally thought to be getting a release on July 23rd, the highs of this game took an unexpected low. From screenshots to an official trailer, it quickly became apparent that this “remaster” may not actually be up to par with modern technology. Instead of “can it run Crysis?”, many PC enthusiasts began to wonder if they even wanted to. This all culminated in Crytek scrapping the July launch date. At the time, no new date had been set. Then, last week, a new tweet and 8K image sparked hopes that perhaps not all is lost.

Image: Crytek

For better or worse, we could be nearing the end of this ride. PlayStation fan site Push Square has reported that the PlayStation Access YouTube page accidentally released news about the upcoming release. Before going private, it leaked a potential release date. This Friday, August 21st, could be renamed as “Crysis Day,” as OC3D has put it. Though it might be released for PS4, there’s no guarantee the PC version will be as well, since PC launches sometimes take a bit longer to finish. But due to last week’s 8K image tease, that does remain a possibility. Crytek has stated that it is planning to release it on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (the Nintendo Switch version is already available).

Peter Brosdahl
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