Thermaltake Releases New High-End TOUGHRAM RGB Memory Kits

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Image: Thermaltake

Thermaltake has released new TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 memory kits. Comprising two 8 GB sticks, these new kits come in three varieties. The XG modules come in either a black and aluminum, metallic gold, or racing red motif. They feature tightly screened ICs, 2 oz, 10-layer copper PCBs, 10μ gold finger contacts, and aluminum heat spreaders. All are XMP 2.0 ready and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


The TOUGHRAM XG RGB memory kits range in speed from 3,600 MHz (1.35 V) up to 4,600 MHz (1.50 V). Depending on the speed of the kits, they are compatible with a select number of AMD and Intel motherboards. Timings range from 18-19-19-39 (3,600 MHz) to 19-26-26-45 (4,600 MHz). All four kits come in black and aluminum trim with a chrome stripe in the middle and have 16 LEDs for those seeking to show off their builds. Prices start at $169.99 and go as high as $229.99. They are available for purchase here.

Metallic Gold and Racing Red

For those looking to add some extra panache, there’s the Metallic Gold and Racing Red kits. Both are designed for an eye-catching look. Featuring 3,600 MHz speeds with 18-19-19-39 timings at 1.35 V, they are compatible with AMD X570 and B550 motherboards and Intel X299, 400, 300, 200, and 100 Series motherboards. RGB is provided via 10 super-bright addressable LEDs that deliver 16.8M full-spectrum RGB. Prices for these kits are not available at this time.

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