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EA and DICE announced Battlefield 2042 today with a new website, reveal trailer, and press release, but all of those have seemingly avoided pointing out a key detail about the highly anticipated shooter: it won’t feature a single-player campaign mode. The lack of a campaign has been confirmed by Battlefield 2042 design director Daniel Berlin, who told Eurogamer that DICE wanted to focus its efforts on what it is “best at.” Battlefield 2042 also lacks a battle royale mode, presumably due to the poor response of Battlefield V’s Firestorm.

[…] EA and DICE used the Battlefield reveal to lift the lid on traditional series’ modes Conquest and Breakthrough – both of which come under the All-Out Warfare banner – with a new squad-based mode called Hazard Zone due for more exposure further down the line, and with a third as-yet-undisclosed mode being made by DICE LA that’s due to be shown off for the first time at next month’s EA Play event.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Battlefield… now with more players! Because that is what is was lacking…. 😎

    I wish they would just make another Bad Company

  2. After seeing how bad battlefield 1 and v were in single player I couldn’t care less. I’m not touching another bf game with a ten foot pole even with a mask on.

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