Image: Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams is a YouTuber who is constantly uploading impressive videos of hit games running on powerful hardware with heaps and heaps of mods.

His latest share relates to Cyberpunk 2077; a new video demonstrates what the sci-fi RPG looks like running on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 at extreme settings in 4K with over 50 mods and ray tracing enabled. It is a pretty nice improvement over the base visuals that CD PROJEKT RED shipped the game with. DLSS 2.2 has also been leveraged to enable higher performance under these complex settings, which are demanding even for a BFGPU.

The photo-realistic reshade and list of mods that Digital Dreams used for the video can be found at NexusMods here, while the ray-tracing reshade preset is available here.

CD PROJEKT RED recently confirmed that it will be releasing next-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles later this year. Those versions should come a lot closer to the visuals in the PC version, although nowhere near as close as what Digital Dreams presented in their video.

Source: Digital Dreams

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  1. That image looks absolutely awful. The vanilla game as I’ve played it pre most patches in January looked infinitely better.

    The game’s appeal was its vibrant colors and beautiful neon lit alleys. And these dumbasses turned it into a brown poo.

    This reminds me when some wiseguys tried to improve Alien Isolation’s visuals by making shadows sharp as nails and every surface reflective as mirrors. Utterly ruining the atmosphere.

  2. What people aren’t realizing is that CDPR has downgraded the game’s visuals in order to make it run better. That’s actually supposed to be after it rained in the game. It used to look far better than that. Draw distances have been reduced as well. I’m not sure what mods he’s got installed, but the 50 mods aren’t all visual ones. Beyond that, people have a hard on for ReShade which makes shit look worse most of the time. You tend to get over saturated colors, grainier visuals and tinting of the image. There is usually some sort of specific situation where each of these ReShade profiles may look like an improvement, but they look like ass everywhere else.

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