MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO Motherboard Review

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As a reminder, we have three different BIOS settings being tested on this motherboard to check its integrity and ability to push the CPU as far as possible with Intel Adaptive Boost. We are testing the Core i9-11900K at default, then the Core i9-11900K with Adaptive Boost at the 251W limit, and then with the Adaptive Boost Enabled which sets no limits.

PCMark 10

MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO Motherboard PCMark 10

At default in PCMark 10 the CPU hits 8449 score on this motherboard. That score is indeed boosted when Adaptive Boost is enabled, it goes up 1.6% at the 251W limit, and edges up even slightly more with it Enabled at no power limit, so overall about a 2% improvement, it was stable upon multiple runs.


MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO Motherboard AIDA64 CPU Queen

In AIDA64’s CPU Queen test, we get a score of 103515 at default on this CPU and motherboard. Once again, enabling Adaptive Boost definitely improves performance. We see that Adaptive Boost 251W improves the score by 5.7% which is an impressive improvement in this benchmark testing integer performance using multiple cores. We even see a further uplift enabling Adaptive Boost with no limits. This motherboard took it nicely and never complained.

Cinebench R23

MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO Motherboard Cinebench R23

Cinebench, which pushes all the cores pretty hard also shows an uplift enabling Adaptive Boost. By default, this CPU scores 15400, and turning on Adaptive Boost at 251W improves the score by 6% which is a nice uplift in performance, and this motherboard can push the CPU hard with our cooler.


MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO Motherboard Blender Open Data Benchmark

In Blender Open Data Benchmark rendering the classroom scene we actually see a reduction in time using Adaptive Boost, meaning it is creating meaningful improvements. Time is reduced from 6 minutes and 51 seconds down to 6 minutes and 34 seconds with the Adaptive Boost 251W and even further down to 6 minutes and 28 seconds with Adaptive Boost Enabled with no limits.

MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO Motherboard Blender Open Data Benchmark

In the pavillon_barcelona scene, we also see a nice reduction in time enabling Adaptive Boost. It starts at 7 minutes and 11 seconds and reduces to 6 minutes and 53 seconds at Adaptive Boost 251W and then further reduces to 6 minutes 44 seconds with Adaptive Boost fully enabled.


MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO Motherboard 3DMark Time Spy

In 3DMark Time Spy, we see an improvement in the overall score even with a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti using Adaptive Boost. It moves up from 17940 to 18073 at the highest just by enabling Adaptive Boost.

MSI MAG Z590 TORPEDO Motherboard 3DMark CPU Profile 16 Threads

Running the new 3DMark CPU Profile test in the 16 Thread benchmark we find that Adaptive Boost helps on all cores. The score is 8572 at default and moves up 6% with Adaptive Boost.

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