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EA is planning to announce new games in its FIFA, Need for Speed, and Skate franchises in July, according to a report shared today at Exputer by Battlefield leaker and industry insider Tom Henderson. These will reportedly comprise Skate 4, a long-anticipated installment of the skateboarding series originating from EA Black Box; a new Need for Speed game from Criterion Games, which recent rumors suggest will take place in a fictitious version of Chicago and feature cartoony aesthetics; and FIFA 23, the last game in the popular football franchise to carry the FIFA name following the governing body’s decision to break ties with EA so it could branch the property out to other companies. EA has already confirmed that it won’t be hosting an EA Play event this year, so these games will presumably be announced in separate presentations that are dedicated to each project. The new Need for Speed and FIFA announcements are expected in the second half of July.

Grubb has also said that the cars will have the aesthetic of car commercials where there are “cartoon flames and stuff flying off it.” From my own sources, this is the case, with cars having smoke, wind, and fire coming off the car when going fast, drifting, and more.

A big feature coming to the game is “Meetups,” where players can meet up around the map and initiate races. The tracks around the map are apparently “unique,” with one source saying the map has a large train going through it as you’re racing (I guess we’ll have to leave this to the imagination).

Although I couldn’t 100% corroborate the title’s name, the title “Need for Speed: Unbound” has been floating around a bit, but it’s currently unclear if that is the codename.

Source: Exputer

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  1. The last need for speed I really enjoyed was most wanted. I'm fine with some 'fantasy' or 'cartoon' ascetics to a racing game. But please give me police chases and the such. I SO MISS random police chases in open world 'driving' games. Sigh...

    Perfect world. give us a fantasy city to tool around in with races within the city and on city tracks, and some 'famous' street race venues like specific mountain passes in japan, and Nürburgring and other iconic race tracks around the world. Give us the freedom of open world with the ability to do track racing and driving as well on known tracks not just made up streets.

    Basically forza Horizon whatever with iconic tracks and a bit of cartoon fun with smoke and speed effects.

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