EA Could Be Considering More Dead Space Remakes according to a Purported Survey Shared by a Game Developer

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It appears that EA could be considering more remakes for the Dead Space franchise after a game developer shared a survey online. The survey was broken into two parts with the first asking about the sequel and then the other about the third installment. While the second game was a welcomed sequel the third game is often derided by fans for a number of gameplay design choices including that, at the time, it used a somewhat aged version of DirectX, 9.0c at a time when many AAA games had already moved on to DX10 and DX11 was around the corner. Game developer Dillion Rogers shared the following on his Twitter page.

While many fans might enjoy seeing one, or both games, remade there are probably more that would be interested in a new game altogether. A few responses have even gone so far as to say that a complete reworking of the third game would be better than just doing a remake. The current remake received favorable reviews at launch which is another reason that EA could be considering working on the other two games.

Dead Space creative director Roman Campos-Oriola recently spoke with VGC and shared a desire to continue working on more Dead Space games and that it’s not uncommon for large companies like EA to work on multiple projects. “For me, what I like is that it gives us a lot of traction moving forwards, in terms of finishing that game. Personally, I’m a big fan of Dead Space, but as for the future, I don’t know,” Roman said. He added, “The thing in terms of recruitment, and again I’m speaking only about Dead Space, is that I joined to work on this game and we have a lot of people here like that. That brand, as a developer, has a lot of appeal.

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