Sony Expects to Release Forty Percent of Its First-Party Titles on PC by 2025

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Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The release strategy for PlayStation Studios has been charted out through FY25 when Sony expects to release a significant amount of first-party titles on PC. According to its latest business segment meeting, Sony has big plans for PC in the coming years. Recently CEO Jim Ryan was quoted saying that Sony will stick to its strategy of staggering its releases of PlayStation exclusives to PC, two to three years after their initial console release. While this may remain true it doesn’t mean that Sony couldn’t continue to draw from its extensive, and growing, catalog of first-party titles to release more games per year on PC, and according to new information, it appears that it plans to.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

According to the slide, gamers could see up to forty percent of PlayStation Studios’ first-party titles make their way to PC by 2025. Something else that’s interesting to note is that by FY25 Sony has dropped releases for its PlayStation 4 consoles and PS5 releases end up accounting for half of all of its first-party portfolio sales. Another slide also shows how ongoing YOY growth for PC titles has continued to increase over the last three years.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Future

As Sony expects to release more games there are many wondering not just which games but also what state they will be in. Recently, The Last of Us Part I received its share of criticism over its lengthy load times and other issues. To be fair to Sony and its developers though, it’s somewhat rare in recent years for any game to launch on PC without issues. However, more than a few folks have pointed out how Nixxes managed a mostly positive launch with Spider-Man Remastered, which is prominently pictured in the above slide, and suggested that perhaps they could give some pointers to Sony’s other teams. Some titles that PC gamers have been asking for include the latest entries for the God of War and Horizon franchises, the upcoming Spider-Man 2, and Ghost of Tsushima.

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