AMD Ryzen 5 Mobile 3500U CPU Review

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System Benchmarks Continued

Aida64 Memory Bandwidth

Now it is time to test memory bandwidth, it is important to know if it is running up to spec and how good it is.  We know the theoretical maximum is 35 GB/sec of memory bandwidth for this frequency.  To test memory bandwidth, we are using Aida64’s benchmark testing to test memory read and memory write performance.

According to this graph, the memory read bandwidth is 33222 MB/s or 33.2 GB/s.  That is very close to the theoretical 35 GB/s.  The memory write performance is even faster at 34329 MB/s or 34.3 GB/s.  It seems the memory is operating as it should, though could use a little tweaking in the read department.

According to SiSoft Sandra the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G APU reached 36.11 GB/s of memory bandwidth. Therefore the Ryzen 5 3500U isn’t too far away from the bandwidth of the 3400G. 

It’s too bad there are no options in the BIOS to tweak timings or frequency.  Remember also, memory bandwidth plays a huge part in Vega 8 graphics performance in gaming.  You really want this as fast as you can for gaming performance.

Aida64 CPU Queen

The next test we are going to run is a specific CPU testing in Aida64 called CPU Queen.  If you are wondering what the heck CPU Queen is all about, and why its important, and what it tests, please read this full description.  You will note that it is multi-thread aware and uses integer MMX, SSE2, and SSE3 optimizations. 

Our overall score for CPU Queen is 44691.   

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