AMD Ryzen 5 Mobile 3500U CPU Review

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Compression/Encryption Performance

In our next real-world workload scenario, we are going to test compression and encryption performance with the CPU.  We will mostly use Aida64 for this, but there is a WinRar test you will find interesting.


In fact, let’s start with WinRar.  We have WinRar 5.80 installed.  This test is simple and simulates a real-world scenario. We take the 5-minute 3.55GB video game file that we have recorded (the one used in the HandBrake encoding test) and compress it with WinRar.  We simply right-click the file and hit Compress with the default settings.  Then we see how long it takes to compress.

As you can see it took exactly 6 minutes and 2 seconds to compress the 3.55GB file.  That’s actually pretty long.  As we do more of this testing on future CPU tests, we will add this result to the data and then we can make comparisons.

Aida64 ZLib

The Aida64 ZLib benchmark tests the ZLib public compression library performance in MB/s. 

The result here is 307.2 MB/s of performance.  If you download Aida64 and test this on your machine you can make comparisons. 

Aida64 AES

This benchmark tests the popular AES data encryption in MB/s.

The performance result is 29128 MB/s or 29.1 GB/s.  We will have to see how this compares in the future.

Aida64 SHA3

This benchmark tests the hashing algorithm in MB/s.

The performance is 885 MB/s.  You can compare your results with ours.

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