Sony Releases “PlayStation Advantage” Video for Avengers Following Exclusivity Controversy

Image: Crystal Dynamics

Sony has released a new promotional video demonstrating how cool Crystal Dynamics’s Avengers game will be if you own a PlayStation 4 console. It’s an interesting move by the marketing department, being that a lot of people seem pissed about the whole exclusive-content thing, which began with the announcement that Spider-Man would only be playable on the PS4 version.

We later learned that PlayStation owners would be getting even more perks, such as timed-exclusive skins, unique community challenges, and special bundles for PS Plus members. Even the beta will be open to PS4 pre-orders first (details below).

“When it comes to cosmetics, PlayStation players will have 30-day exclusive access to a Legendary Outfit, Legendary Emote, Epic Takedown, and nameplate for each Super Hero as they are released – this is also for the six launch heroes,” Crystal Dynamics wrote in a blog post Tuesday. “In addition, we also have rewards for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription. For each Super Hero added to the game post-launch, Hawkeye included, all PS Plus members will receive a free bundle that contains a Rare Outfit, nameplate, and 100 Credits to celebrate the addition of another Avenger to the roster. At launch, we’ll have a free bundle for Ms. Marvel available for PS Plus members to embiggen our love for Kamala!”

“PlayStation 4 players will be the first to play the Beta! The Beta for those who pre-ordered on PS4 will take place from August 7-9 with pre-loading available on August 6. Following that, the Open Beta for all PlayStation players will be available from August 14-16 and August 21-23. You also do not need PlayStation Plus to participate in the Beta, so all your friends are free to join! For more information on the contents of the Beta, please see our previous PS Blog.”

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