AMD Managed to Gain GPU Market Share in Q3 2020

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Image: AMD

Jon Peddie Research has released a report that provides insight on how the GPU market and its major proponents fared in Q3 ’20. The latest data reveals that AMD managed to gain market share in the add-in-board (AIB) segment from last quarter, while NVIDIA increased its position from the previous year.

Not surprisingly, the novel coronavirus prompted huge gains in the AIB market that amounted to over 4.2 billion GPUs being shipped last quarter. Quarter-to-quarter graphics add-in board shipments went up by a significant percentage (13.4 percent), and they also increased by 9.1 percent year-to-year.

3D Center’s coverage suggests that AMD’s gain resulted mainly from the lack of NVIDIA’s Turing cards, which were being phased out of the market in anticipation of Ampere’s debut. While this appears to have benefited its competition, shipments of the GeForce RTX 30 Series were too limited to result in anything meaningful for green team last quarter.

“The AIB market reached $14.8 billion last year,” noted Dr. Jon Peddie. “We forecast it to be $20.3 billion by 2023. Intel entered the OEM AIB market in Q4’20. The company will introduce a consumer AIB by Q2’21. Since 1981, 2,077 million AIBs have shipped.”

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