Image: Dark Horse

With over 35 years of experience and 425 story-driven characters, longtime comics publisher Dark Horse has started a gaming and digital entertainment division. Popular titles such as Hellboy, Frank Miller’s Sin City and 300Umbrella AcademyLady KillerEmily the Strange, and/or Usagi Yojimbo could soon see new treatments. Dark Horse Games’ main offices are located in Oregon and Shanghai and will create licensing partnerships for new games. Dark Horse Games will work with developers both externally and in-house for its own first-party properties.

Image: Dark Horse

Dark Horse Games is currently in discussions with some of the world’s top gaming studios to create AAA licensed titles based on Dark Horse Comics’ vast library to be released over the next several years across all platforms, including PC, consoles, mobile, and cloud-based services.

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  1. Thsts kind of cool to see. If this takes off they might be able to start a studio for their own movies. We all know thsts the end goal.

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