Razer Unveils AI-Powered Robot for Cleaning Up Ocean Waste

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Image: Razer

Razer recently announced that it had committed itself to a greener and more sustainable future with a new 10-year sustainability plan called #GoGreenWithRazer. As the latest step in that initiative, Razer has teamed up with a robotics company called Clearbot to develop a fully automated robot that aims to clean up the world’s oceans with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Razer and Clearbot’s contraption is capable of detecting marine plastics within 2 meters in rough waters and collecting up to 250 kg of plastics in just one cycle while running on solar-powered energy.

With approximately 11 million tons of plastics entering the oceans each year, ocean cleaning enterprises often face difficulties with dated technology, cost, and efficiency. The ClearBot team designs robots that leverage AI-vision to identify different types of marine plastic waste and collects information regarding these pollutants in the oceans to protect aquatic life. ClearBot robots are deployed to retrieve marine plastic waste, which is then responsibly disposed.

Source: Razer

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