Sony Aims to Break PS One’s Peak Annual Sales Record of 22.6 Million Units with PS5 Next Fiscal Year

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Image: Sony

Sony’s first-generation PlayStation console was a juggernaut that managed to peak at 22.6 million units sold in fiscal year 1998, but the Japanese gaming giant thinks that its latest console has what it takes to smash that record. Speaking to a group of shareholders at an event held in Tokyo yesterday, President and CEO of Sony Corporation Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida said that his company would increase the supply of PS5 consoles in order to meet its goal of beating the PS One’s peak annual sell-in record in fiscal year 2022. While this seems like a lofty challenge due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage (as noted in the company’s accompanying slide), the PS5 has seemingly been selling well enough for that goal to become a reality—Sony’s recent full year earnings release did reveal that its next-generation console managed to beat the PS4’s launch numbers despite supply issues and other problems owed to the global pandemic.

Image: Sony

On the morning of June 22, the Sony Group held a general meeting of shareholders in Tokyo. Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, stressed that the company would accelerate the supply of PlayStation (PS) 5 in the next fiscal year to achieve sales of more than 22.6 million units per year, the largest ever in the history of PS. Against the backdrop of “nest egg” demand, the company aims to break the sales record of the original PS in fiscal 1998.

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