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Bloomberg published a story last week claiming that Nintendo’s new OLED Switch model only costs around $10 more for the company to make despite its $50 premium over the original LCD version. In response to the allegations, Nintendo tweeted from its corporate account this morning to clarify that the report surrounding the supposed profit margin of its new OLED Switch console is “incorrect.” Nintendo also clarified that it has no plans to launch any other Switch model for the time being. It’s still unclear how much truth there is behind those earlier rumors about Nintendo planning a “pro” version of the Switch capable of 4K output.

The new Switch’s 7-inch OLED display from Samsung Display Co. costs an additional $3 to $5 per unit, according to Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of industry research firm DSCC. Increasing the internal storage to 64GB is a further $3.50, according to Omdia’s Akira Minamikawa. The other added components, such as the new console stand and LAN port, are thought to add a few dollars more. Nintendo has been selling the Switch at a profit since its launch.

Sources: Nintendo, Bloomberg

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