Revised PlayStation 5 Model Goes on Sale in Australia

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Image: Sony

It was revealed earlier this summer that Sony would be shipping a revised version of its popular PlayStation 5 console. The new system has now been spotted in Australia.

The new PS5 doesn’t seem to offer any notable differences from the original, which released on November 12, 2020.

One difference lies with the screw. The revised PS5 model comes with a different screw that, unlike the original, can be more easily adjusted by hand without the need for a coin or flat head screwdriver.

This screw is used to attach the circular base to the PS5 console so it can be stood up or laid flat. Critics have called it a ridiculous design that seems to have been implemented in the eleventh hour.

Sony’s revised PS5 is also lighter than the original release. It weighs 3.6 kilograms, or 300 grams less than the launch model.

Many gamers seem to be eagerly awaiting a legitimate, slimmer redesign of the PS5 from Sony. That’s not surprising, as the console is even more freakishly large in person.

The model number of the revised PS5 is CFI-1102A.

Image: Press Start

Sony has not yet confirmed the exact changes of this new model number, and as far as we can tell, these are the first of the new models arriving anywhere in the world. At the time of writing, we weren’t able to find the manual for the new model, but the manual for the digital edition can be found HERE detailing the changes.

Source: Press Start

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