PlayStation Hackers Get One Step Closer to Jailbreaking the PS5

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Image: Sony

It’s only a matter of time before the PS5 is jailbroken like its older siblings, but discoveries shared by PlayStation hackers over the weekend suggest that the inevitability might come sooner rather than later. As tweeted by infamous hacking group Fail0verflow, hackers have already figured out how to gain access to all of the PS5’s root keys. These keys are hugely relevant, as they are instrumental for discovering exploits that would ultimately allow custom code to be run on the console.

“Translation – we got all (symmetric) PS5 root keys,” Fail0verflow tweeted. “They can all be obtained from software – including per-console root key, if you look hard enough.”

The PS5 would presumably be able to run other operating systems such as Linux once jailbroken. It would also create a huge headache for Sony, as jailbreaking typically opens the floodgates for piracy.

Source: Fail0verflow

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