NCSoft Unveils Project M, a Heavy Rain-Like Thriller with Ultra-Realistic Graphics

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Image: NCSoft

South Korean studio NCSoft has released a trailer for Project M, a new dramatic thriller built on Unreal Engine 5 with stunning and ultra-realistic graphics that seems greatly inspired by Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and other titles by Quantic Dream. A blog post can confirm that the game is under development for consoles and will feature “real-life graphics, cinematic direction, and detailed expressions and movements,” much of which is made possible through the company’s own 3D scan, motion capture, and visual effects technologies. NCSoft is the same company behind ArenaNet’s popular Guild Wars and Lineage MMORPGs.

‘Project M’ is a new interactive movie that NC is developing as a console platform. An interactive movie is a genre in which the story development and ending of the game change according to the user’s manipulation and selection.

The trailer for ‘Project M’ was produced with actual game content being developed by NC. The main story of ‘Project M’, which depicts the death of a lover and the revenge of a man, can also be viewed through the video.

Source: NCSoft

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