November and December Are Going to Be Big Months for New Game Releases

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November and December are going to be big months for game releases with dozens of titles coming to PC and consoles. With game release announcements happening throughout the entire year, and then numerous pushbacks and delays, it’s easy to lose track of how many titles ended up getting a November and December release date but the folks over at Gamerant put together a nice little list to help remind us. Meanwhile, we’ve also had some on our radar as well and added to the list. Regardless of your favorite genre, there’s a little bit of something for everyone coming out during the end of Q4 2022.

December releases

These upcoming releases are a part of a wave of games getting released for the end of 2022. From the end of October through November, there are many other popular titles to keep an eye out for.

Late October and November releases

Even with all the titles listed above, for the end of October and then November and December, there could still be more that are yet to be announced. There are still many more that were not included so if something is on your radar then feel free to post about it in the forums. The Game Awards will happen on December 8 so it’s possible there might be some late announcements made then as well.

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