Pre-order Forms Are Now Up on a French Xbox Site for the Series S Toaster

Image: Xbox Squad (via Gyojvfr)

Assuming this isn’t some kind of early April Fool’s joke, and although it looks like it could very well be, it looks like a new Xbox-themed appliance is coming out. Pre-order forms are now up for those hoping to snag the unannounced appliance for 60€ (~$64), not including shipping costs. Xbox Squad spotted posts from Twitter user Gyojvfr who has shared a wide range of potential Xbox merchandise that includes a Series S Toaster. Usually, such claims would not be believed as being real, but after the release of the Xbox fridge, there is proven interest from Xbox fans for more merchandise.

From Xbox Squad:

“The Xbox Series S toaster does exist! We do our best to secure copies for our community. For logistical reasons, these pre-orders are reserved for residents of France and Belgium. In order to better assess the quantities needed, please fill out this form.”

Image: Xbox Squad (via Gyojvfr)

It seems this toaster is only the tip of the iceberg as there are many other Xbox merchandise products said to be in the works as well. Again, none of this has, as of yet, been formally announced by Microsoft. For starters, there is a Halo-themed tool set.

Image: Xbox Squad (via Gyojvfr)

There are also some images that look highly photoshopped and thus lead to a greater suspicion this is all, or at least some, a joke. From storage boxes to pen holders, and then a crockery set, bowl, and even a controller-shaped bottle opener, the offerings seem to get downright silly but might be real. Lastly though, is something Halo fans would likely be highly interested in, a 14-inch Halo Energy Sword lamp for $44.99. Even if it turns out to be fake the idea alone might be enough to prompt demand for it to be actually made. The pre-order forms list all of these products and a few more such as an RGB mouse pad and ramen bowl with chopsticks.

Image: Xbox Squad

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