Chinese Manufacturer PowerLeader PowerStar P3-01105 CPU Is Actually a Rebranded Intel Comet Lake Processor

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Image: PowerLeader

Chinese manufacturer, PowerLeader, unveiled its PowerStar P3-01105 a couple of weeks back and its similarity to another CPU was immediately recognized. It didn’t take long for speculation to spark that the newly announced x86 processor might actually be another in disguise and now, Geekbench scores (via Wccftech) have confirmed it. The PowerStar P3-01105 is a 4-core/8-thread processor with a 3.7 GHz base clock and 4.4 GHz boost. As four-core processors go, not a bad design. It turns out it is actually an Intel Core i3-10105 processor that has been rebranded. Videocardz has provided a side-by-side comparison of the two processors.

Image: PowerLeader/VideoCardz

Geekbench 5 scores

Image: Primate Labc Inc.

The 10th Gen CPU is clearly identified in the benchmark scores. The PowerStar P3-01105 is being used in the company’s DP1UI-2 workstation which is being marketed for general computing, government, education, energy, gaming, industry, finance, and retail. PowerLeader has said that it plans to sell 1.5 million units but details of any deal with Intel were not revealed. It is not expected to offer the CPU in retail/DIY markets. According to its website, Chinese manufacturer PowerLeader was founded in 1999 and manufactures a wide range of hardware including server equipment, PCs, and PC hardware.

From PowerLeader:

“Powerleader brand was founded in 1999. Its main business is server and PC research and development, production, sales and providing customers with comprehensive cloud computing solutions. It has completed the product layout of IA and Xinchuang two computing systems, and is committed to becoming China A leading IT product and solution provider, providing cutting-edge IT products and services for the government, Internet, education, broadcasting, security, finance, telecommunications, taxation, transportation, electricity, medical and other industries. Over the years, in China’s server market where there are many strong players, with advanced technology and unique comprehensive strength of software and hardware, Powerleader’s server market share has been ranked among the top five in China and the top nine in the world for many consecutive years.”

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