Corsair Releases DARKSTAR WIRELESS RGB MMO Gaming Mouse with 15 Programmable Buttons

Image: Corsair

Corsair has announced that the DARKSTAR WIRELESS is now available to purchase through the Corsair webstore and its worldwide network of authorized online retailers and distributors for $169.99. Designed primarily for use with MMO games, the DARKSTAR WIRELESS is a SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS/Bluetooth mouse that features 15 programmable buttons, six of which are within a thumb’s reach through its side cluster, as well as RGB lighting and a 26,000 DPI optical sensor. Corsair says that the mouse offers up to 80 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Corsair DARKSTAR WIRELESS RGB MMO Gaming Mouse Features

  • 15 Programmable buttons
  • Unique six-button side cluster
  • Ideally placed side thumb grip to alleviate strain
  • Sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS or Bluetooth
  • CORSAIR MARKSMAN 26,000 DPI optical sensor
  • Lightning-fast CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE buttons
  • Up to 80 hours of battery life

From a Corsair press release:

With an astounding 15 programmable buttons, DARKSTAR puts all your spells and actions within easy reach, including a perfectly situated six-button side cluster that puts a half-dozen buttons around a central textured grip. Your thumb is now utilized for maximum effectiveness and control, while reducing strain during long gaming sessions.

DARKSTAR has the wireless connectivity options to let you play the way you want, without compromising speed or responsiveness. Experience 2,000Hz hyper-polling over sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, or connect to a host of devices with versatile Bluetooth. DARKSTAR’s long-lasting battery puts you in the game up to 80 hours at a time, and you can keep the battle going while you charge when plugged in via USB.

When you need to rely on your mouse against the strongest enemies, DARKSTAR is more than up to the task. Its ultra-accurate CORSAIR MARKSMAN 26,000 DPI optical sensor tracks every movement and mouse flick with pinpoint precision, and is customizable in single DPI steps. DARKSTAR comes armed with spring-loaded CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE buttons, enabling you to click in rapid-fire succession without a millisecond’s delay, all registered on instantaneous optical switches.

High-level players need to program their mouse to their exact specifications, and players of any skill level want to program DARKSTAR’s amazing RGB. That’s where powerful CORSAIR iCUE software comes in. With the newly redesigned iCUE 5.0, you can personalize your mouse’s RGB lighting effects, set DPI, assign macros, surface calibrate the sensor, and more. Save your settings to five onboard profiles, for convenient access no matter where you’re playing.

With so many programmable buttons in a delightfully ergonomic design overflowing with RGB, DARKSTAR enables you to expand what’s possible in your games.

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