Final Points

AMD has made huge strides in improving its GPU lineup.  AMD has fixed many problems that were plaguing video card performance and sells.  AMD seems to have set itself up to be successful, moving forward on developing video cards that are competitive, and hold value for gamers.  The RDNA architecture is AMDs largest improvement yet for GPUs.  We feel it does have great scalability options, and with the architecture in not only PC GPUs but also consoles we see game support and optimizations for performance and features to be expected. 

The RDNA architecture fixes the problems of GCN, it allows for high clock speed GPUs, operating on the much more efficient 7nm node, and now uses the more affordable and common GDDR6 memory.  AMD will get better yields, lower prices on memory and be able to produce and sell these video cards at exceptional prices.  The result of that has already been seen with the recent price drop of the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT now costing only $399, and the Radeon RX 5700 at $349.  These are affordable, obtainable prices for gamers.  As replacements for Vega these video cards are much cheaper, faster and more efficient.

These video cards provide striking competition with NVIDIA.  AMD has come out of the gate swinging.  Gamers and hardware enthusiasts now have more choices, and more choices are good.  We look forward to AMD hopefully scaling up this architecture, it certainly needs to.  We’d like to see AMD back in the high-end GPU game.  At least right now AMD has a fighting chance to get there if it pushes forth.  With everything we’ve experienced, the performance, the pricing, the competitive nature, and a solid launch from AMD all around we feel the Radeon RX 5700 series as a whole deserves the following reward.  It’s been a good summer for video cards!

AMD Radeon RX 5700 Series

We have much more planned in terms of reviews coming up. Overclocking, PCI-Express performance testing, more video card comparisons, platform level CPU/Gaming GPU comparisons, more CPU reviews with AMD Radeon 3000 and X570 motherboards to come. Please check us out weekly for new reviews.


The below are links to buy the Radeon R9 5700X and R9 5700 if you’re interested – we’ll get a commission on these links if you buy.

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