Reviews Video Cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Video Card Review

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Video Card Review

Hitman 2

Note that in all the graphs the video cards are compared by price.  The most expensive video card by MSRP is on top, while the least expensive video card by MSRP is on bottom.  In this way you can compare pricing from bottom to top and see where performance lies.

In the graph we are using the latest version of Hitman 2.  The game is running in DX12 and we have all of the in-game settings at their maximum values for graphics.  We are using the built-in benchmark (Miami) for testing results and we verified playability in gameplay.  Feel free to test your video cards performance and see how it compares against ours.     

In Hitman 2 we are only seeing a 3% performance difference.  This proves that games matter, the game makes all the difference on the kind of performance difference you may encounter.  You can’t argue with those framerates though; performance is very high and smooth and plays wonderful on all video cards.    

We do see a greater divide at 4K with a 5% performance difference.


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