Not to be outdone by anyone but themselves TSMC continues to roll out announcements this week. Just yesterday T.M. reported on how AMD’s Zen 4 using TSMC’s 5nm node is in full swing for 2021 release. Today Digitimes has reported, that according to senior vice president for fab operations, JK Wang, their 3nm node will begin production in 2022.

Towards the end of the summer Godfrey Cheng, head of TSMC’s global marketing, published a blog about how Moore’s Law is not dead. See more(pun intended) about that here. It would seem that they fully intend to commit to seeing their progress unimpeded by anything as they move from 7nm, to 5nm, and now 3nm productions. Also it should be no big surprise that they’re now reported as being the biggest publicly traded company in Asia.


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