ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1660 Ti OC Review

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Default GPU Frequency

Before we dive into overclocking, we always test what the default GPU frequency is while gaming.  This way we can see where we are starting from and make sure the GPU is performing as it should be by default.

On this video card, the base clock is 1500MHz and the boost clock is 1860MHz.   Therefore, we hope to see at least 1860MHz while gaming.  Let’s see what it really is.

GPU Frequency

According to our clock speed over time graph, this video card actually starts its clock speed as high as 1995MHz.  It quickly drops though to a sustained clock speed that is very consistent at 1965MHz.  At 1965MHz this video card is performing well above the boost clock of 1860MHz.  That means you are getting a very high clock speed out-of-the-box without even touching overclocking.  That is a very good start for this video card and shows a high level of performance.  Of course, we want to see how much higher we can get it with overclocking on the next page.


Above are the default ASUS GPU Tweak II screenshots with no changes.


Above are the GPUz screenshots at default.  You will note that at default the GPU temperature is only 55c with 44% fan speed.  These are incredible temperatures; this cooler works more than well.  The power consumption is 124.5W and the VDDC is 1.0500V.  Memory is running at 12GHz.

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