Steam Reaches New Concurrent Online User Record of 20 Million, with 6.2 Million In-Game

Image: Steam

SARS-CoV-2 – the deadly coronavirus that continues to spread worldwide – isn’t something that anyone should be cheering on or celebrating, but it seems to be doing a real favor for digital services, which have seen their numbers blossom from the increasing amount of people quarantining themselves at home.

Steam, for one, achieved a new record in concurrent users today – an astounding 20,313,476, to be exact. This is a 5.6 percent gain from February’s peak, which was an already-impressive 19,238,796 users.

Image: Steam

There were also 6.2 million users who were actually in-game at some point today, according to Steam Database. (The record to that, however, belongs to New Year’s Day in 2018, which saw 7.2 million in-game players.)

Steam’s most popular game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also achieved a new record today, peaking at 1,024,845 players. That was followed by Dota 2 at a relatively respectable 701,632.

These numbers could just be the beginning, as additional schools and businesses opt to close due to coronavirus fears.

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