ASUS PRIME X570 Pro Motherboard Review

Application & Synthetic Testing

Sandra Memory Bandwidth

Sandra 2018 Memory Bandwidth

All systems were run in dual channel or quad-channel modes where applicable. The Intel Core i9 10980XE used timings of 18,19,19,39@1T. The Intel 9900K used timings of 16,18,18,36@1T while the AMD test systems used timings of 16,16,16,36@1T.

Of course, the quad-channel Intel Core i9 10980XE has the highest amount of memory bandwidth. It’s not really a point for direct comparison but rather reference. At stock memory clocks, the ASUS PRIME X570 Pro falls well short of some of our other test systems. However, when the memory speeds increase, naturally we see a much better result.

Sandra CPU Dhrystone

Sandra 2018 CPU Dhrystone

In this test we get solid results out of the PRIME X570 Pro. The results are near the top with only the Crosshair VIII Hero beating it out of the X570 boards.

PCMark 10

PCMark 10

In this test, all of the test systems save for the 9900K are all really close together. The results from the PRIME X570 Pro are roughly where they should be, although it does fall to the bottom edge of the range at stock speeds.

WinRAR – Multithread

WinRAR Multithread

As usual, WinRAR results are somewhat random looking. I’ve never been 100% sure of what makes it tick as a piece of software. While it definitely benefits from multi-threading, it also benefits from clock speed and raw IPC. We saw improved results from a manual overclock, but under PB2, the performance was again at the bottom of the performance range.

WinRAR – Single Thread

WinRAR Single Thread

In our single-threaded test, the stock ASUS PRIME X570 Pro was a monster, achieving the highest result in our test sample.

wPrime v2.10

wPrime v2.10

In the wPrime test, we once again see results that are slightly worse than what the other X570 motherboards produced.

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