ASUS PRIME X570 Pro Motherboard Review


ASUS Prime X570 Pro Banner

ASUS has long been a fixture in the DIY market. The company started out in the late 1980s and has grown into one of the largest and most influential hardware manufactures in the computer market.

As is the case with other manufacturers, ASUS has a wide range of offerings at every conceivable price point with an array of features and designs suited to each specific market segment. While people often drool over the Republic of Gamers offerings and the upper echelon of the PRIME series, it’s really the mid-range offerings that people buy more often than not. This comes down to simple economics. Some of the upper-tier offerings are close to $600 or more. Your average motherboard that people actually purchase is usually somewhere between the $200 and $300 range.

With that in mind, we put the ASUS PRIME X570 Pro (ASUS PRIME X570-PRO) through our gauntlet of tests and see if it is worth your hard-earned money.

The ASUS PRIME X570 Pro is part of ASUS’s PRIME series which is aimed more at content creators than gamers. At its current price point is really a mid-range motherboard. At the time of this writing costs around $250 from most retailers. Its feature set is generally what you would expect in that range, or perhaps even a little on the light side compared to some alternatives. I’ll get more into that later.

Ordinarily, we get motherboard samples direct from manufacturers or we buy them retail. And while this one did come directly from ASUS, for some odd reason, this particular board didn’t come in its normal retail packaging. This is obviously not the norm, and when you purchase this in-store you’ll have the right packaging. Usually, I’d have pictures of the packaging and talk about the box contents. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case here.

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