Metro: Exodus

We are using the latest version of Metro: Exodus.  For our testing, we are using the built-in benchmark.  We are utilizing “Extreme” game settings and HairWorks and PhysX turned on.  We are running this game in DX12. 

Metro: Exodus is quite a challenging game for performance for these video cards.  At “Extreme” only really the overclocked MSI GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER GAMING X TRIO is playable averaging 51FPS, and this is without Ray Tracing.

In this graph, we have turned on Ultra Ray Tracing and you can see how it kills performance.  Even with this video card overclocked Ultra Ray Tracing is too much.  You’ll need to lower it to the lowest level or decrease in-game quality settings.  The RTX 2080 SUPER GPU based video cards are a lot better than the original RTX 2080 however. 

In this graph, this shows that 4K is also a killer for these cards, and this is without Ray Tracing.  Running “Extreme” quality is just simply not playable, even with the MSI video card overclocked.  4K is going to be reserved for the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti only here, else you’d need to run at a much lower game setting with an RTX 2080 SUPER. 

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