Gaming Performance Continued 4


Yep, we pulled CS:GO out because it’s an old game, and should actually perform well here.  We weren’t mistaken, at custom “High” settings it averaged 88 FPS across multiple maps.  This game is certainly playable on this APU and with “High” settings to boot.  It’s a good experience.

Dirt 4

We ran Dirt 4 and actually found it performed well also.  We were able to run the game at “Medium” settings at 720p and average near 50 FPS which is more than acceptable.  You don’t actually have to run it at a low setting.

Fallout 4

Finally, we tried Fallout 4 at the lowest in-game settings at 720p.  It averaged 33 FPS in our custom run-through and was actually pretty playable for the most part.  Only in areas where you have custom-built settlements does the performance tank.  But out in the open-world fighting enemies, it is quite playable. 

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