Gaming Performance Continued 2

Grand Theft Auto V

We wanted to bring in a real old game to see how that does on this APU.  With Grand Theft Auto V we used the built-in benchmark and started by running the game in the lowest possible settings.

As you can see, this game performs very well in the lowest settings.  At 720p the framerate is an insanely high 71 FPS.  That means we are going to be able to either play at a higher resolution, or higher game settings.  At 900p it is 57 FPS and at 1080p it is 46 FPS. 

We have an option, play at the game’s lowest settings at 1080p, or raise the game settings at 720p.  If we wanted to raise the game settings at 720p we found we could turn most options to a custom “High” setting.  With everything at “High” at 720p performance averages 49 FPS and was very playable.  We honestly preferred raising the settings at 720p rather than playing at low settings at 1080p.

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