Synthetic Benchmarks

We are going to first start with the synthetic benchmarks.  These are benchmarks that single out and test the GPU.  Sometimes the result is an overall score value, or a specific time if we are testing how long something takes to finish.  We are using the default settings in the benchmarks.


We are starting right off the bat with 3DMark, specifically the Timespy default test.  The overall score is shown below.  Feel free to run Timespy on your video card to compare to the overall score performance of Vega 8 in the 3500U.

Our overall 3DMark Timespy score is 769.  This isn’t exactly comparable, but our 3400G with Vega 11 and a much higher TDP pulled in over 9,000 3DMarks in Timespy.

Geekbench 5

The next overall system test is the brand-new version of Geekbench 5.  This is a popular benchmark people like to use, and it can test OpenCL and Vulkan performance.

 In OpenCL the overall GeekBench 5 score is 9068.  You can compare the result with OpenCL results on GeekBench’s website.  If you scroll down to around 9000 score for OpenCL, you’ll see that Vega 8 does perform better than Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580.  In fact, our score is higher than the Vega 8 graphics listed on the chart, this is due to the higher clock speed on ours versus the previous generation on the 2500U.  That seems to score around 8809. 

In the Vulkan API our overall score is 7617.  You can browse the Vulkan API results on GeekBench’s website.  Our score of 7617 is faster than the GeForce GTX 650 Ti and GeForce GTX 950M as well as Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655.  The result isn’t that far from GeForce MX150 level.


We are using the Superposition benchmark and running it at the default setting.  The default setting is 1080p medium. 

Our overall score is 1583.  You can browse the leaderboards to compare the overall score.  With some searching, the closest we could find was the AMD Ryzen 5 3400G which scores 3034.     

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