Gaming Performance Continued 3

For these next set of games, we had to perform manual run-throughs and thus no in-game benchmark exists.  Therefore we are just going to show what our highest playable settings were in each game at 720p.

Need For Speed Heat

In this game we found the game was almost playable at the lowest possible in-game settings.  It averaged 27 FPS, and this was a bit choppy in some places, and a bit laggy.  It wasn’t the best experience, and we felt it, but this is as low as you can go so if you want to play this is what you’ll get.

Battlefield V

In this game, we ran in DX11.  It is all about the multiplayer for this game, so we loaded up a 64-player game and played in different maps.  Our average FPS was 21 FPS and was not very enjoyable.  Even with the lowest possible settings at 720p this game is just simply not a good experience in multiplayer.  You wouldn’t want to play any competitive gameplay in this game here, in fact, you probably won’t be playable at all with performance that low.   

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a newer game but does generally perform well for this DX12 game.  On our system, with the lowest settings, it averages 30 FPS.  This was playable we have to say, not the best, but playable.  You could enjoy the game if you really had to.


We drug PUBG out and gave it a whirl.  With everything as low as it can go we averaged 28 FPS at 720p.  This isn’t exactly competitive gameplay performance, but if you just want to get in a quick battle, it’s kind of acceptable. 

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