Synthetic Benchmarks Cont.


V-Ray is a computer-generated imagery rendering software from Chaos Group that is very popular.  The benchmark tests raytracing performance and reveals the number of mpaths by the GPU.

The result of the GPU test was 24 mpaths.  For comparison, our 3400G was 33 mpaths. 

LuxMark 3.1

The next benchmark we are going to use is LuxMark v3.1.  This is an OpenCL rendering benchmark tool based on LuxCoreRender.  We are using the three tests LuxBall HDR, Neumann TLM Microphone, and Hotel Lobby.  We are selecting OpenCL GPU rendering only.  The result is an overall score. 

The LuxBall HDR score is 2528.

he Neumann TLM score is 1717.

The Hotel Lobby score is 519.

Now, this is no comparison by any means, but if you want to see what a good high result is, here are results we got in this same benchmark on a Radeon VII video card.  You can see the LuxBall and Mic scenes are in the 50,000 and 30,000 range, and Hotel is in the 7000 range. 

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